2018 Aprilia Shiver 900 ABS


2018 APRILIA SHIVER 900 ABS MY18, The Shiver and Dorsoduro siblings gets smarterwith the same 4.3” TFT display that is fitted tothe V4 family along with an optional multimediakit that allows for intercom use, and the ability tosee/control what is music is playing.Both bikes receive the added perfomance oflighter weight wheels to be able to stop and turnfaster and new Kayaba forks with adjustablerebound and spring preload adjustment.The most significant update for both vehicles isthe addition of the new, more torquey andcontrollable 900cc engine. Rather than chase horsepower numbers thatare not relevant to real world use, the additional displacement was used tomake the torque curve as flat and user-friendly as possible.The Shiver also gets ABS and Traction control in addition to the multipleengine mapping modes. Pricing on the Shiver is now $9,399 making it themost aggressively priced 900cc Italian sporting motorcycle available.Pricing on the Dorsoduro is $10,999 making this motorcycle a fantasticvalue (in some cases nearly $2,000 less than its competition), while stilldelivering an extremely capable and exhilarating machine.Both of these new and improved motorcycles will be model year 2018 andavailable starting in August 2017.